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Tubecore 3U

TC3U 0F1

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The Tubecore was designed as a studio mastering compressor. It is built using the 3U enclosure, which gives necessary front panel clarity and makes it easier to replace tubes located at the back.
This design is based on the possibility to replace tubes. The user decides how the device should sound. The sound can be changed by changing the tubes in the back of the device.

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V8 Compressor


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The V8 compressor is built solely with discrete components and six Carnhill transformers (three per channel). The element responsible for the compression is the bridge composed of 4 pulse diodes matched by hand, according to carefully developed procedures. The device is constructed as a dual mono unit with the option of linking the sidechain circuity.

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ONE Leveling Amplifier


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The IGS ONE LA is a photo-optical compressor, referring to the legendary solution of United Recording Electronics Industries. It is an input and output transformer balanced, full tube device. The input of the system is worked with a Sowter 4383 transformer, the output with Edcor 15k/600. Two 6N2P-EW 6N1P-EW dual-triodes are installed on the audio circuit, while the compression circuit isequipped with the 6N2P-EW triode and the 6AQ5 pentode, which control the work of the T4B photocell. On the front panel you can adjust the input sensitivity (GAIN) and compression threshold (PEAK REDUCTION). Additionally, you can select the operating mode between Compress and Limit. You can also set the meter to VU or Gain Reduction.

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TUBECORE Vari Mu Compressor - mastering version

Outranks the best


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The structure is based on the Vari Mu solution, where compression is achieved using the "remote cut-off" or re-biasing of a vacuum tube. The major difference between the Tubecore and it's archetyps is that the construction is mounted on a double layer PCB instead of the point-to-point solution. Concentrating the circuit on the PCB reduces noise and stablizies the parameters. The Tubecore is a 2U unit. The audio path is fully symetric from input to output. The input and output are equiped with separating transformers. The mastering version has a single set of controls manipulating both channels.

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the best for vocal


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The Alter Comp is a modern development of the classic FET compressor designed in the 60’s by UREI. The device quickly became a canon of studio sound and was continually produced and replicated during the following years. The Alter compressor is designed using discrete elements only (bipolar transistors). The output is balanced by Carnhill or Edcor (USA) transformers. The compressor’s most important features are high level of amplification and wide range of gain reduction. Due to these features the device is undisputed in compressing vocals, drums and bass. The Alter compressor’s principle of operation doesn’t differ from typical circuits using {alternating, negative feedback}. The input signal is first divided among the the amp path (audio) and compression regulation path (sidechain). The audio path is a typical {multi-step/multi-level…} amp with transformer output. The output transformer balances the circuit and adjusts impedance to the 600 Ohm line standard. The element responsible for compression is the FET transistor, which reduces audio path {amplification/gain}. The compression threshold is set at a constant level and the compression depends on the Input, Attack and Release settings. The compressor has a unique, musical sound, which has been known for years from the best studio albums.

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Volfram Limiter

Great for group compression

volfram 2013c

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The Volfram Limiter is a dual mono version of the legendary 1176 archetype. The 1176 is a very well known and appreciated compressor in professional recording studios all over the world. Whoever heard how this compressor works with vocals will never be able to manage without one.

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S-Type Mix Bus Compressor

Mix bus compressor


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The S-Type is a typical VCA compressor well known as the core of British sound. Used first in the SSL consoles produced in the 1980s. The heart of the compressor is the THAT chip.

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